Here is a yacht charter guide that you could follow if you are looking into chartering a yacht for your next vacation.

We present some few important tips before planning your travels. These yacht charter guide tips will ensure everything goes smoothly for your trip. Find the tips below:

1. Consider the Routes

Regardless of your travel plans, first of all make sure to choose the right companion for your trip. Also, you will need to plan the route of your trip long before the date of travel. Everyone you are travelling with should agree upon and be on the same page in regards to the routes and as far as the trips are concerned.

It would be well and good if you can actually steer the yacht by yourself, it will offer tons of adventure and fun in terms of enjoyment. However, on the other hand if you don’t have much experience hiring a skipper could be beneficial. A big benefit of hiring one is that they certainly know many routes for your to enjoy and they can help you plan it.

2. Choosing the Right Yacht

First of all when selecting a yacht you need to ensure you have enough budget to go with the plan. Other important factors to look at are your sailing skills, charter region, yacht comfort level and the local weather at your selected destination.

If you are looking for plenty of deck space and much larger inner sections, you should opt for a catamaran. On another hand, if you want to be more mobile and move around routes quickly and motorboat would do great.

Yacht Charter Guide

3. Ensure to Look at Yacht Charter Insurance

The skipper liability insurance and deposit are the most common types of insurance when it comes to chartering a yacht. Also, it is much better to look at the insurance plan in order to avoid arguments between the travelers and to ensure back up in case something goes wrong.

4. Get a Check on Your Experience

If a member of your group has the skipper’s license, well and good, you can charter the yacht. However, Greece is a country where this is an exception, by which at least one or more member of the group must possess a skipper’s license to have the ability to be co-skipper.

Sailing in good weather is easy, but when expected or unexpected storm occurs, you may find it difficult to control the boat or yacht. In this situation, it would be much better to hire an experienced skipper for such occurrence.

Yacht Charter Guide

5. Weather and Charter Season for the Sail

Ensure you have first of all the right outfits for the weather and you must be able to adapt to the weather pattern at your destination. For instance, if you plan on going to the Balearic Islands on August, you may not experience any rain during those months. On the other hand, during that time, it may be warmer during the day than it is during the night, and you might experience the rain as well.

6. Other Things to Consider

Make sure to give yourself and your group plenty of planning time to look and consider on all the things you need to get a check on before the day. After all, you will need to get there on time so you can enjoy a cup of coffee before the trip and know more about the port and other aspects.

You should be prepared with sailing gloves, deck shoes, sun hat, sunscreen, and a wind jacket. Aside from that, you will need a travel guide, map and personal medicine for yourself.

The yacht charter guide is basic but gives you pointers on what you need to look at before you charter one.


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