Some tips to help you choose a good motel for your stay

Choosing a motel for your stay is not a daunting task, all you need to do is know what you want, what you are looking for and the location where you want your stay to be. Following are some tips to help you get by:

1. Consider your Needs and Wants

Before deciding your accommodation, you need to know what you want from your stay. Humans have many wants but are naturally minimized when selecting an accommodation at a place where you never or ever been to before. Are you looking for a free breakfast, comfort, or intimacy?

Therefore it is important for you to consider the location, amenities, and price before you consider other factors while making a choice.

2. Consider the Amenities you Need

Breakfast, wifi, parking and air conditioning forms to be the most basic amenities anyone would try to attain. Ideally, most motels around the world provide such amenities unless they are extremely cheap in nature.

Check out Trip Advisor or any other reviews before deciding on your accommodation to ensure you get what you are looking for and in order to avoid any suprises as you get there.

3. Check the Website of the Motel

Most motels with no site are a big no no, since they are not geared to provide you with the basic hospitality required. Check their site for important information such as amenities, policies, renovations, restaurants and any other information you should know.

4. Find out the Motel Location

Location, location, location, this is one of the most important aspect of any real estate or accommodation choice. It shouldn’t be too far from all the attractions you are visiting or must not be difficult for pick ups should you decide to join an activity. You should also see how far is it in walking distance to the places nearby so you won’t have to spend an extra lot on transportation.

5. Find out when the Motel was Renovated

Recent renovations done means clean and comfy space, you do not want to spend time staying at a motel which is old and not furbished in any sense. You don’t want to experience peeling wallpapers, experience dirt or grime for that matter.

6. Focus on Guest Reviews

Guest reviews are the best way to experience before the actual experience. See what other people have to say about the property you are selecting. If there are recent reviews well and good, but if reviews are old you may want to reconsider.

Hope the above helps in selecting the right accommodation motel for your stay.

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