Picking the right travel buddy is certainly a tough decision. There are many factors to consider when it comes to selecting a travel buddy to ensure a happy, relaxed, friendly and safe atmosphere through out the trip. The internet makes it easier to find the right buddy by providing you complete profiles that gives you a chance to review what the buddy may be like as a person:


A great place to start is to see their approximate personality through their profile. It is wise to select a buddy with similar traits in terms of personality. Whether you are a chilled out or energetic on the go person, you will it very exciting to travel with a like-minded buddy.

Additionally, its also important to ensure that the itinerary plan is able to complement both the parties involved. Personality match is important, since it will be easier to organize and plan your way through.


There are many travelers who prefer to stay in a mid to upscale hotel during their travels and eat at great restaurants, while there is another will have no issue staying at cheap guest houses from one destination to another while moving houses during their time in the destination as well they don’t mind to enjoy the street foods that exists in the area. Instead of getting frustrated about the budget, it will be beneficial to have a proper communication as to what you and the buddy are expecting first hand before embarking on a journey together.

Shared Interests

To avoid awkward moments and periods of silence, it is best to find some one with shared interests. The ability to keep the conversation going will be a difficult thing if both parties have a completely different type of interests, finding a common ground is essential in this case. For the above reason you will find great benefits to travel with some one who shares one or more of your interests.

Practice Runs

If you are traveling locally it would be great to go for a short trip together before embarking on a longer one. If internationally its great to actually converse with the travel buddy for a while before you get going. It can help a lot, since traveling to a destination far from home and the willingness to share preferences on restaurants, transports, activities and etc will be to your advantage. Find out as much as you can and make sure its a fun experience.

Overall, it takes time to find the right travel buddy to match with your personality and vice versa, so the entire process should be planned to minimize any issues when traveling.


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