How to connect with nature in this busy world of ours

Connect with Nature

We humans are busy in nature and know the importance to unwind and connect with nature once in a while. Our mother planets beauty is awe inspiring and getting away from it all gives us the freedom to experience this gift we all have. From free flowing water, luscious forests, humongous mountains with wonderful views. As days go buy on a daily basis, all we see is the people, cars, bustle, noise and lights that surround us. Connecting with nature will not only help you find peace but it will provide inner well being as well. It gives us a chance to enrich our spirituality as well as inner soul. Here are some ways we can awaken our senses and deeply understand the cycle of nature that surrounds us. There are always two sides of the coin, one is the busy city life we live in and the other the untouched nature we sometimes forget exist.

  1. Ground yourself and feel the earth beneath you. This serves as the first step towards being in touch with nature, since it is the only aspect that exist beyond the untouched nature that surrounds us. Talk a walk in the park or some place where concrete, cement or carpets are not present in order to feel the natural vibes of the earth we live in. The beach is another place that is best to experience oneness with nature.
  2. Observation is another aspect that is so important whereby even though we live in a concrete jungle on a day to day basis, it is very important to stop and just observe your surroundings and enjoy the beauty. Look up into the skies and you will feel a sense of deep connection with your surroundings.
  3. With our busy lives it is nearly impossible to stay in the jungle for a long period of time unless its your vacation. Enjoying the sunrise and sunset is another way you can be one with nature, experiencing the beauty of its natural pattern. As you wake up in the morning, don’t just look for your smart devices, instead look for the nature of the sunrise where you will experience nothingness and fill your mind with positive energy.
  4. Gardening is another way where you can experience the beauty of nature, where you must care without having any thoughts in mind to ensure your plants grow the way it should. Keeping your plant healthy will keep you healthy as well. Enjoy the beauty of its slow growth teaches you many things that other aspects can’t.
  5. If you have time for a vacation, a jungle or safari lodge is another way to enjoy nature at its best, as you wake up and sleep to the natural sights and sounds of beauty. It will definitely bring you closer to nature at the same time experience an awakening of your senses by which will energize you as you return to the concrete jungle.

The above given ways are just some of the main aspects to daily life you can implement in order to be one with nature at the same time enjoy your daily routine life differently. The above also forms as a cure to many disorders such as depression or any other mental issues you many have.

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