What is the future of travel post pandemic

What is the future of travel post pandemic

Travel industry is one of the hardest hit industries due to the COVID pandemic. Back when Spanish Flu was a pandemic in 1918 travel was a way to go but not as connected as it is today.

With over 1 billion trips taken yearly in recent years, travel is on an ever increasing pace. What allowed the increase was the boom in low cost airlines where nearly anyone can fly with a low budget.

Pandemics happens once every many years, but the effect is global and brings indsutries to a screeching halt due to the changes in the spending pattern. Due to the fear factor alot of jobs, spending pattern and human behavior changes to a lower level.

Anything that happens in the present or now shapes the future. Travel is one that will surely change drastically in terms of safety measures. With the rise of Virtual Reality (VR), many experiences will be brought digital.

However VR will only be a fuel to the inspirational bug and will have people travel more so often. Humans need for travel has been shaped over the past 2 decades and people will surely travel when they can.

The future of travel will be shaped by a increased connectivity of the world. From faster or bigger planes, well connected ground transport to space travel. A pandemic like this one will change mostly the health measures taken place to ensure more hygiene.

Just as the tragedy of 9/11 caused airports to be more alert and secure in the way they surveil and search travelers for prohibitted items. A pandemic will change the health measures of the airport for the travelers.

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