Here are some cultures around the world with a global influence.

The global influence on countries are often measured by the military, economic and political might. But for some nations, it’s their strength in the culture which includes food, entertainment, fashion and others that strongly impacts the world at large.

Ranked by the U.S. News and World Report they reveal the culturally influential countries of the world based on factors perceived as fashionable, happy, trendy, prestige, modernity or entertainment to a global level.

While many of these countries were European, including Spain, France, Italy and the UK, the list also included many cultures around the world in other nations such as Brazil (for its happy population and entertainment), Japan (for being modern and prestigious) and the United States (for being a modernly influential nation).

Below are the ranked nations from bottom to top:

Cultures Around the World

10. Sweden

Their impact is ranked in the 10th place for being a modernly influential culture, in which is scored 9/10. The nation is the face of modern trends, along with its Scandinavian influenced aesthetic renowned for its lustrous affordability and functionality. And then there is IKEA, a globally influential company that has changed the home furnishing industry for a life time.

Cultures Around the World

9. Australia

Also based on its modernity, the country is ranked at number 9, with them achieving 9.8/10 in the score card. It also scored 9.4/10 in the populations happiness factor. The country is well known for its chilled attitude towards things; as the phrase goes “no worries” actually originated there and is being used worldwide as a part of daily conversation.

Cultures Around the World

8. Brazil

Known for its epic entertainment this South American nation’s has a true impact on global culture. People have enjoyed the rhythms of the Brazilian music for a long time as well its Rio Carnival is a world famous festival. Recently, Brazil has also added a trending cinema industry to its culture, entertainment and arts heritage.

Cultures Around the World

7. Switzerland

This picturesque nation made its mark as one of the globally influential culture through prestige, by which its scored a 10/10 impressively.  An unmatched heritage in the banking industry, safe guarding for the rich and famous and a reputation for operating in a sleek manner whereby its neutrality played a big role in this fact.

Cultures Around the World

6. Japan

As you all may already know, Japan is well known for its technology as well as modernity by which it influences the world in ways you can’t imagine. From fashion, cars, entertainment to sushi, the vibe of this nation’s cultural impact can be sensed and felt all across the world.

Cultures Around the World

5. United Kingdom

The UK like Swiss is well known for its cultural heritage and history. Ranking 9.5 for prestige, the UK has a global impact. The capital city, London, is the world’ leading financial hub and with many in this world obsessing over the royal family, aside fro the facts, this country also has high levels of dignity.

Cultures Around the World

4. Spain

From the language to music, Spain ranks 10/10 for its entertaining lifestyle. From siestas, dance of flamenco to renowned artists like Picasso, this country has an artistic heritage runs deep through out their history.

Cultures Around the World

3. United States

The United States, a country every population in the world knows about scores 9.1/10 for its entertainment and 10/10 for modernity. The US retains its position historically as the epicenter of their modern world culture and its entertainment industry spans throughout the world and has a huge impact globally.

Cultures Around the World

2. France

Fashion is the french influence globally, where it scores a 9.8/10 in this sector. With Coco Chanel, whereby this french designer has made wearing trousers trendy and fashionable for women around the country and the world. Also Paris known to be the epicenter of haute couture.

Cultures Around the World
1. Italy

Scoring 10/10 for fashion and trends as well as 9.7/10 for influence of general culture. This is supreme in this list as it impacts global culture on a massive scale, with Michelangelo, pizza and the fashion house of Milan being the well known aspects of Italy. They have been shaping cultures since the Renaissance period and doesn’t seem to change in anyway.

The above serves to be the 10 cultures around the world setting the way.


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