Choosing the right luggage is essential for a smooth sailing journey.

Travel is an excitement on a whole new level, however it also comes with certain aspects that can cause you to stress out. Choosing the wrong luggage can cause a strain during your travel experience. The first thing you need to consider is what are you traveling for?

Be it a vacation or business, you need to understand your travelling style. Then you can cater to those needs by choosing the right luggage. With your reason to travel in mind below we feature a certain things you need to consider before hand.

Suitcase or Backpack?

Things you need to consider when selecting your type of luggage in accordance to your reason:


First thing first, getting around the airport with the wrong luggage type can cause a hassle. Carrying a suitcase is easier in a sense that it has wheels for you to be able to push around, meanwhile carrying a backpack brings extra load and can be harder to maneuver when there is a lot of people and traffic.


Wheels are important since this is the easiest way to carry your luggage around without having to carry a load on your back. This is one of our top reasons when selecting a suitcase.

However it also depends, when travelling to a place with a rough surface, you will need to carry it, which makes it a problem since you will have to carry the suitcase around, thus making back packs easier, ensure to decide according to your reason and destination.


A suitcase will come in handy in terms of organization when compared to back pack. You will have to be able to access what you put at the bottom, which suggests our recommendation to select a suitcase rather than back pack whereby you must remove each and everything to get to the bottom and put everything back in again when you decide to move around. Whereby a suitcase makes it easier since everything is in view as you open the luggage.


When going for a business trip for example, carrying a backpack doesn’t make you look good.

Hard or Soft?

Will you be carrying items that are easily breakable or are valuable? That should be your deciding factor when selecting a hard or soft luggage. Hard case luggage is suitable for anyone carrying expensive items such as an expensive camera, or if your travels are headed towards a harsh weather conditions.

On the other hand, soft luggage is perfect for anyone looking to bring certain added storage, by which soft luggage can easily store items according to your needs and they are expandable. It also makes it the perfect choice to store souvenirs and others items suitable for a soft luggage. Lastly, soft luggage can easily be placed in an airplane compartment.


An important thing to keep in mind is to never bring along a carry on that is larger than you in size and that you can’t lift over your head. Next thing would be how long is the duration of your travels? Some people are able to survive by bringing fewer items while others have more to bring.

As well, before purchasing a luggage, inquire about the specifications to the airline you will be flying with. Some airlines allow smaller luggage than another, before buying ensure to restrict yourself by buying a suitcase that’s approximately 21 X 13 X 9 and to aim for weight ranging from 15 – 20 kilos.

Same goes for back packs, if you carry a large back pack then it may have to be checked in rather than store them in the over head compartment.

Choosing the Right Luggage

Here’s a breakdown of some popular carry on sizes for suitcases:

  • International carry on sizes range from mostly 18 – 20 inches
  • The most popular size of a carry on that are being purchased is 21 – 22 inches – This serves to be a great size, offering great space and are easy to lift. You can use this luggage to store items for a month of travel without much hassle.
  • If you’re travelling with a partner, then a medium sized luggage is advice-able. You should consider purchasing a 23 – 24 inch carry on luggage.
  • For those who needs some extra space, then 25 – 27 inches will provide you with lots of extra space to carry your clothing and souvenirs on the way back. Also, if its a family vacation you are planning then you can easily fit the belongings into one of these suitcases for an easy handling.
  • A 28 – 32 inch size is simply too large when considering a travel suitcase. It is large, bulky and can serve to be difficult to maneuver. This size is suited for anyone planning to move abroad or for a longer duration of travel to another country.

At times it may be better to purchase and travel with 2 smaller suitcases as opposed o purchasing a large and heavy one. Granted, you might have to pay extra but it will be worth it since you don’t have to worry about stuffing everything in a single bag or incurring overweight charges for that matter, especially when you are planning to do some shopping in the destination.


It is advice-able to purchase a luggage with a unique design and color. This way, it will be easier for you to spot your luggage in the carousel and eliminates the chances of accidentally taking in someone else’s bag.


Your luggage may be transferred from one place to another through wet, dirty or sticky surfaces and areas by baggage handlers. It is advice-able to purchase a luggage with water resistant materials or at least that the luggage has been treated with a sealant on the inside to keep your items dry and safe from the conditions.

If your luggage has not been manufactured with moisture resistant sealant, then simply place a plastic above and below your belongings to keep it dry. This simple trick will keep your belongings dry and clean even if the baggage gets wet on the outside.


Whenever possible, strap your luggage to keep your belongings secure and compressed. Find a luggage that comes with adjustable straps for this case.

Piggy Back Clip

Piggy back clips are looped clips located on top of travel bags. This system allows you to clip on a smaller luggage to the larger suitcase / bag on top of the larger one. This way it will be easier for you to carry it at once and your belongings will stay secure throughout your travel period. If your luggage doesn’t come with any piggy back clips, you can simply go online and buy it at a reasonable price.


Compartments are a way of organizing your belongings easily. For example, you can store your toiletries in one compartment, and have your clothes in another. You can store dirty items or clothing in the external compartment. This also makes it easy for you to access your items in an organized fashion.


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