Benefits and importance of traveling somewhere new in this short life of ours.

Travel is in a human’s DNA. As long as we are alive we will go on a vacation or a public one anywhere in this world, near home and away from home.

One of the most important reasons why we should travel is to open our mind, change our perception and get into a new zone of growth spiritually and mentally.

We should travel as often as possible since the world has many different cultures to explore worldwide and each destination will surely teach you something new.


Aside from whats stated above the benefits are plenty. Say you plan on starting a business in your home town, before you begin on your venture you decided to take a break to travel.

As you go you will find many inspirations and it will cause your mind to be more creative, aside from that you will have a very relaxed mind since you went on an adventure to rejuvenate. Secondly, you will get to meet a lot of people along the way.

The importance of traveling is a must know, even if you travel on a budget, you will experience something that’s truly different, it will open your mind and spirit which you can channel into your daily life and ventures.

Benefits, advantages and disadvantages of travel


The advantages of traveling comes from an understanding that it will open you and bring you out of your comfort zone. This is more of a mind, spirit of soul thing, it also serves many other purposes such as business.

If you are adventurous then you will find that the world has so many different adventures, by which some only exists in certain destinations.


Aside from cost and money spent on it, there are no disadvantages of traveling. This is because no one ever complained when they go out to travel, in a sense that when they come back they will share the happy experiences.

However, if we take into consideration the possibilities of travel going bad, it’s simply due to lack of research and logic in some sense.

For example if you go to a destination that’s completely new to you and decide to plan a self made itinerary then you must be an avid researcher, talk to travel agents as well to know more on a particular destination before you book your trip.

For instance the question you should ask is do you want to go for a private transfer or take a cab to go around, this makes a huge difference, since the experience is different. Many things can go wrong when self booking with high expectations.

Why we travel


You have seen the seven wonders of the world in pictures and videos on many occasions, as a matter of fact there is an increasing number of places that are called wonders.

Nobody could blame you for the boredom that sets in sooner or later, which will eventually lead to the travel bug feel. You may not quickly go to Paris, but after watching those videos on YouTube and other places across the web, wouldn’t you at least add it to you bucket list?

Such is travel, its truly a live show being experienced in real time. To experience the awe inspiring journeys is different than actually watching it in a video or pictures for that matter.

The atmosphere at your home or country of residence will never compare to those present in the Taj Mahal or the Great Wall of China that stretches into the horizon.

Either man made or designed by nature, to experience something firsthand by your senses is the art of travel, and serves to be what it is all about.

Not to forget to fulfill your taste buds with authentic local cuisines at your destination is another experience you wouldn’t want to miss, from the street vendors to fancy building top restaurants you get to see a difference in the essence of life. P

rivate or within a group, packaged or self service, you get to travel the world the way you prefer.

Nostalgia as a Catalyst

Longing for days that are long gone is more than merely just a feeling. More like falling in love, you can fall in love with the same human being over and over again just by their natural beauty. Going back in time to reminisce the events and places is a very beautiful way to spend your time.

What if you could actually go back to the place instead of just imagining? Time travel might not be there in the world, but you could actually go back to the place that you very much love, simply by taking a mode of transportation to get there.

Every place and moment has its own place in a human’s heart. Even a blade of grass can be reminder of memories at some point in your life.

For example, the backyard of the house you grew up in but no longer live in, the hillside where you and your relatives spent barbecuing, almost everything has a million dollar experience or memory attached it.

You are actually lucky that in today’s world there are low cost carriers, whereby it becomes extremely cheap to travel the world and every place becomes more accessible.

Travel Stories

In today’s world you can find stories from all sorts of different travel experiences through books, magazines and blogs they personally wrote. Reading their experience kindles the passion of even a rare traveler to simply pack their bags and go on a similar journey.

In recent times, the Harvard Professor George Santayana’s praise for traveling must have inspired thousands of people to embark on a journey.

New Experiences

Through the seas you will find a dozen of travelers going on their personal journey, crossing the ocean is an attraction on its own. Whether you travel through air or seas on a cruise ship.

Walking across a promenade deck with the sea breeze caressing your whole anatomy with the evening sun setting on a blue sea and the colorful skies is what heaven is all about.

Every human being is then transformed into a sailor while sailing. Well why not? Aren’t sailors some of the happiest people on earth?

Get Away From It All

No one except the Beatles can have an eight day work week, but the work you for for 5 days can make it feel like an eight day work week.

You may want to take the road less traveled to places untouched by humans to experience a true getaway from the hustle and bustle of life.

You don’t have to read the statistics to know that travel is increasing significantly worldwide. More and more people are embarking on a journey of a lifetime.

The above are just some reasons why travel is important and why many people travel. So why do you travel?


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