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How to connect with nature in this busy world of ours

Connect with Nature

We humans are busy in nature and know the importance to unwind and connect with nature once in a while. Our mother planets beauty is awe inspiring and getting away from it all gives us the freedom to experience this gift we all have. From free flowing water, luscious forests, humongous mountains with wonderful views. […]

Things you didn’t know about travel vaccinations

Travel Vaccinations

Some countries in the world contain diseases that are vulnerable to you if not vaccinated. There are many countries in the world that doesn’t allow travel to their nation in this case. You must be vaccinated before entering to protect yourself against these diseases otherwise your wonderfully planned holiday could be over before it even […]

6 romantic places to visit during your honeymoon in Singapore

Romantic Honeymoon Singapore

Singapore is a dream holiday destination, this includes for honeymooners. The island city is will with sights and sounds of marvel, which are both man-made and natural. From amazing architecture, displays of water in combination with lights to the many beaches around. Singapore is all about sci-fi architecture, million dollar gardens, contemporary modern art and […]